Please Don’t Interrogate Me, Bro!

fucking sushi

Gwaaaah, I don’t want to blog for the next few weeks. Can I just tweet random shit for now? I’m lazy. However, someone forced me to join a blog carnival — yeah, this will totally work out. What is wrong with this blogosphere?


I’m not eating sushi ever again.

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Hollow News: Aniblogs Successfully Write on ‘Penguinbear’ Project; Readers Satisfied

CHICAGO — Despite the lack of information surrounding Ikuhara’s new project, anibloggers have circumvented the problem and found ways to write on it.

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Hollow News: ‘Summer Olympics 2012’ to Be Worst Anime Ever

TOKYO — In the streets of Akihabara and Harajuku, otaku protesters line up and have put up signs declaring the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games anime, 2012 Summer Olympics, as one of the worst animes ever.

Calling themselves the NOlympics Movement, the protests all cosplayed as their favorite characters in the Summer 2012 anime season.
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Shinning Terribad Blog Carnival Posts: lol me reading other aniblogs

Whoever wrote this offensive, radical post should be burned, cut up, and served in burrito wraps.

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lol me reading other aniblogs

my tl;dr picture

This blog carnival theme looks great! Let’s talk about why I don’t read most aniblogs (except the ones featured in “Blogs I Read”)!

Anyway, I’m gonna briefly talk about blog carnivals because most of my readers don’t come from the aniblogosphere — something I’m really proud of. Blog carnivals are basically a carnival of people writing about the same subject. These tends to be reflective and thoughtful.

I think I’m reflective and thoughtful. Look at how many sex jokes I’ve made on Twitter!

I wanted to join one, but I kept forgetting.

This one though: I wanted to join. I have so much to complain~

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Shinning Terribad Review: Summer ’12 Game Edition

This game is like Ace Attorney: you use a lot of bullshit logic.

Let’s play a game: guess what anime this reviewer is reviewing!

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How to Watch Anime: The Rule of Mami

Mami is hot. Also, your teacher on how to watch anime.

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Shinning Terribad Fanfics: Neon Genesis Equestria

Neon Genesis Evangelion x My Little Pony. Just as planned.

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Shinning Terribad Fanfics: An Introduction

5,000~ pageviews for two months and a half blog? Yayifications~

Let’s not stop right there; let’s broaden our scope with not just reviews (or intereviews) but fanfics as well!

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Shinning Terribad Reviews: An Intereview with a Vampire

[This is written under the form of an Intereview. Why? Far more amusing.

I’m pretty sure this is misspelled intentionally. This means I’m in for an “amusing” ride.

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