Too many fat people cosplay as Kiki, so here’s Nagato Yuki as her. Also, Cosprayers’s art sucks so I’m not putting it in the frontpage.

if there was an anime dat descibes me
itd be cosprayers:
artsy, intelligible, commatose

girls cospray
fight aliens in tokyo
saves world from something

everything else from story:
ocean blue waves
titanic sinking

Behold, Cosprayers’s art!

bras and panties:
cherry blossom viewing
for the bald and the young

the humor —
like a memory from summer:
hot and intolerable

people in the show —
like the falling autumn leaves:
generic annoying dimwits

cosprayers is art
like winter shitting on you:
muted and ugly

presentation: 10/1
story: 3/1
characters: n/a
sound: n/a
enjoyment: no

everyone shud watch it

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