Yuko Goto made me cry:

It is weird for a blogger to post two posts on the same day, but I feel this is a necessity.

Yuko Goto, the woman behind the voice of Asahina Mikuru, is going hiatus because she is suffering from an autoimmune disease that has spread into her heart, lungs, and vessels.

For those who don’t watch House MD like I do, an autoimmune disease is when the body creates an odd amount of white blood cells and similar antibodies and attacks its own body. Which isn’t a pleasant thing. It isn’t really known how hypersensitive she is, but she will be hospitalized for two months.

According to the source I used, she used to have a similar disease that forbids her to not go to high school after junior high.

The scary thing is: these diseases kills. Autoimmune disease includes lupus, Addison’s disease, Vasculitis, and Multiple Sclerosis (though still debated whether it is an autoimmune). All of these are potential killers. In fact, for females of all age groups to 65: these diseases rank inside the top ten causes of death.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been really exhausted from all the cool people dying this year (Michael Jackson, Maurice Sendak who wrote Where the Wild Things Are, and more). And Yuko Goto made me start watching anime; her performance as the lovely Mikuru is so charming that whenever I read the light novels, I think of her sweet voice.

And Hiro from Hidamari Sketch is such a perfect match for her. She portrays the housewife student role too well.

This isn’t a properly written blog article (in my opinion), but I just want to convey one simple message:

I wish your health well.

You made anime look cool to me. Without you, I don’t think I will care about it and instead, be some generic kid.

Thanks and live strong.

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