A Confession to Steady x Study (OAV)

Steady x Study… where have I seen you before?

Why do you resemble a work like Amagami SS and other similar romance works so much? That has always intrigued me and I find my eyes gazing at your comeliness. Is this the first love at first sight my high school buddies always talked about? You are always at the rooftop of the high school I study. I always see you alone looking at the sky, flying CG paper airplanes in the painted blue sky with white spots; you drink juice boxes repeatedly like an addict. The backgrounds you are always at feels surreal and the raindrops look like chalk drawings — possibly an artistic addition to endear viewers like me. Your lack of detail mystifies me and maybe, this is why I feel strongly attracted to you; I like things simple for I am a simple man and you, my dear, are simpler than ABC.

I often hear remarks and criticism from acquaintances who designate me as a “good friend” cautioning me from your so-called “evils”: they hear you shouting random hiragana as part of an exercise routine in two scenes and joke about the absurdity of those lines (but as any lover of fiction knows: that is, of course, the appeal and beauty of postmodernist dialog); they say, sometimes, you try to make people laugh — the audience looks bored by your actually clever wit; sometimes, you try to put drama, symbolism, and characterization into the work, but people put it off as blunt, forced, and boring. However, you are special and that’s what matters to me.

Yet, I see your starry life — the beacon of everything divine and heavenly in this brutal world — as a lone one among the black darkness. Why are you always alone, my dear? Do you ever feel sad being alone?

This review did not come from an old post of mine at MAL. I repeat: look at the boobs.

I try my best to approach you, but I cannot hear you in the beginning: your lovely voice is too soft as the trains and cars loudly pass us by; even without that, I have to put my ear to your tender lips to hear an utter of an articulated word. However, when you speak up, my auditory cortex orgasms from the powerful blast of your melody, that is a shout. I remember all your lines well because they are like love poetry: a blanket of sentimentality caressed by red roses and blue violets.

The music that you have carefully put in when it comes to dramatic scenes give a lot of meaning: I can listen you play the instruments all day; every work feels very similar to each other and cohesive by nature. Sometimes, I make the unacceptable mistake of mistaking one song as another; that, I believe, shows the requirement for us viewers to have deep, sophisticated thinking and understanding in the Derridean deconstruction of the classical musical theory to fully appreciate this show and its soundtrack. The music in the opening animation made me sniffle for more; let me explain the basics of the song: when the drum beats, it is done in taste — the strong, low-pitched beat reminds me of the song made from the whiff of the bottoms; when your voice, the aria of my life, goes for the singing technique known as falsetto, your voice fuses with the air — I call it raspy beautifulness; the synths make a great companion to thy singing, never distracting me from loving the construction of this song. Whoever composed this song should get an accolade for making even the great composer Chopin cry in his grave. Why does this song not deserve the reputation of being a memorable love song? It is as evocative and powerful like Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On.”

I don’t want you to be alone anymore.

Google Images couldn’t find a good picture of this Cinderella and gave me this instead.

I repeat my opening question I begin in this confession, “Steady x Study… where have I seen you before?” I think the answer is simple, my love: you are everywhere — you are everything I know that is true before my eyes. I have seen you before in so many other places and that’s why you’re special to me; you are special because the world revolves around you.

Steady x Study, you are the light of my life, fire of my loins.

I think I am in love with you — no, madly in love with you! It is the same type of love that Romeo, after being dumped by Rosaline, declares when he sees the most beautiful girl in Verona, Italy: Juliet. But alas, like the star-crossed lovers, I am only a human male while you are an anime! We live in two separate universes: I live in reality while you in fiction. This tears my heart apart to the point of lunacy only found in imperishable nights; I am repressing my urge to throw my television set out of a window and cause mayhem in this room because I know it serves no purpose but my end: an end that both of us lovebirds do not want.

Should we run away together? Why, my dear?

Because I love you. There is nothing more simple to that answer besides you, my dear, for charm and wit have no effect on me as I have found true love. I don’t have a wedding ring with me right now, but I can — really?

You love me too? I’m glad.

Let’s live together, you and me, in a utopia brimmed with normalcy.

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