Me and Bodacious Space Pirates Riding Bicycles in Space

When I was younger, I always wanted to be an astronaut. Floating in zero-gravity and travelling in FTL speed, I imagine myself swimming through the space module, excited to discover extraterrestrial life, ancient space civilizations, and more. However, my Math teacher disagreed and flicked his finger onto my forehead, disturbing my daydreams. It hurt like hell.

Today, I am a college student with no aspirations whatsoever and currently living in a nice house with my best friend, who is a magical girl.

“Mornin’,” my friend greeted me as she sat on the sofa, watching the TV. My droopy self stumbled across the floor and I heard her say, “you missed the news again.”

“What happened?”

“Oh, space pirates started riding on bicycles in space. That’s all.”

She changed the channel to the news. A tough man with a black beard appeared and his scars almost took up the screen; the mic barely surfaced from the bottom. He argued, “… Arr, we’re ridin’ on bicycles on space to protest. How does a bilge water show like C³ get a better ratin’ in MAL — a 7.03 rated by 11,398 users — than a fantastic hard science-fiction show on us space shipmates that is Mouretsu Pirates, which has a rating of 7.01 scored by 5,188 users?” Saliva spewed out from his mouth and his cheeks reddened with anger. He continued, “That’s why we`re followin’ th’ girl band’s lead, who played in th’ openin’ animation o’ th’ show. They show they’s self dressin’ up as space sea dogs ridin’ on bicycles in the music video, somethin’ I find very original. Us cyclin’ in space is our act o’ free speech! Arr…”

My girlfriend turned off the TV and commented, “Wow, I like the show, but I wouldn’t go that far to prove my point. Though it’s true it’s underrated.”

After she went out to save some depressed people, I took out my laptop and searched a video of this Mouretsu Pirates. One of the searches led to the music video the pirates were talking about and I clicked on it:

For the first time in a long time, I cried.

My dreams of space travel bombarded me and I remembered reading the stories of Neil Armstrong in the moon. Every single lyric touched my heart:

Woooo, wow!

I think of you at the edge of the universe
And wish upon a great number of shooting stars.

You’re far (but near),
I can’t see you (but I wanna see you),
and looks like I’m reaching you (but I can’t).
I always get tearful.
Everyone will be a star (and fade away someday).
Fate, destiny: why are they like that?

I offer you everything I have.

Prodigious! Furious! Tremendous! Horrendous! Thunderous!

I will be a dust of stardust (be a shooting star)
And keep on loving you (I can believe).
My heart is burning (burns up),
Like Antares shining red (Yes, always, for all the time).
Even though you’re billions of light years away (nothing to be afraid of),
I don’t mind it ’cause I love you (I can fly!).
My wish will not disappear (forever and ever).
Children of stars will keep on guarding you.

Line up here, everybody (Yes, sir!)!
I want to love, but only you (Aye-aye, sir!).
Hold love in your mind eternally (Aye-aye, sir!).
Gather everything under the name of love (Aye-aye, sir!).
I live ’cause I love and am loved (Aye-aye, sir!).

I don’t stop (I can’t stop).
I go forward (I move forward),
Sometimes I accelerate (speed).
I gotta sparkle (brilliantly more and more)
And spend all power for every moment.

Even though I will be destroyed someday —
Prodigious! Furious! Tremendous! Horrendous! Schnitzel!

Wherever you are in this universe (wherever you are),
I will find you (I can believe).
I light up darkness (Hope the light reaches)
With yellow shine of Centaurus (Yes, it glitters).
At the edge of the galaxy (I could see you),
This miracle is consequential (I can fly!).
No matter how far you are (I believe!),
I will keep on loving you.

The burning sun —
The distant moon —
A great number of Andromeda Nebula —
Vast Jupiter —
Dark black hole —

Give me love! Give me love! Give me love! Give me love! Give me love!

Oh, Bodacious!

Do you dislike me?
Can’t you hear my voice?
But I offer my love to you.

Woah! Prodigious! Furious! Tremendous! Horrendous! Thunderous!
Ohhhhhhhh, Bodacious!

I will be a dust of stardust (be a shooting star)
And keep on loving you (I can believe).
My heart is burning (burns up),
Like Antares shining red (Yes, always, for all the time).
Even though you’re billions of light years away (nothing to be afraid of),
I don’t mind it ’cause I love you (I can fly!).
My wish will not disappear (forever and ever).
Children of stars will keep on guarding you.


I think this song is a postmodernist critique of space operatic animes and also a love song filled with witty avant-garde lyrics that references to astrology — something like Supercell’s “Kimi no Shira nai Monogatari”, Bakemonogatari‘s ED.

The space bicycle imagery presented throughout the music video shows the free-riding spirit of these space pirates. Perhaps, it criticizes the conventional view of space pirates as seen in the influential Space Pirate Captain Harlock. The girls criticize such conservative thinking and ask, “Why not show something different: that is, pirates riding bicycles?” Real pirates are non-conformists; breaking the rules is no problem for them. Captain Harlock can just ride on a spaceship like all the normal people, but he isn’t as cool as a bunch of girls riding bicycles in space.

And what about fate and destiny pulling the lovers apart — just like our two star-crossed lovers in Romeo and Juliet? The speakers, the girls in the band, are torn apart from their loved ones. I’m particularly surprised by the subtle imagery conjured by the chorus’s first line: “I will be a dust of stardust”; I never think of a small particle of another small particle being relevant to our daily lives (and maybe, the scientists), but I was wrong: it still has the power to love someone. I kept thinking of my magical girlfriend as I wrote this blog post.

Momoiro clover-Z, the band, asks these fundamental question without shying away and I respect their philosophical thinking as a philosophic-J-rock band.

The song made me realize how beautiful and romantic space is.

I watched every episode of Mouretsu Pirates available right now; it’s a pity the show hadn’t finished running. I’m always excited for new episodes; Katou Marika is a high school girl who works part-time in a maid cafe and suddenly, she must captain a pirate ship as another part-time job. Her leadership qualities and bodacious beauty made me wish she was real.

And I wished I was like her.

I had relied on my magical girlfriend for too long now; I must be independent. There are people that must be saved from despair and she can’t be the only one helping them. Being a magical girl is tough; I have to help her somehow. Punching the numbers of the space port on the telephone, I hoped the port authorities and space pirates didn’t mind my request.

“Hello, you have contacted the space port’s customer service. How may I help you?” It was a lady’s voice. She seemed refined; her matured voice frightened me since I got nervous easily with adults.

“Erm, h-hello — I like to, um –”

“Yes?” She was surprised at my stutters; maybe, she didn’t expect a college girl like me to speak to someone from the port. But I must raise my courage and take a stand for my future — no, humanity’s future. If I do this right, I have a feeling I will save millions of people from despair. And lessen the stress of my dear magical girlfriend. And give this show a better rating in MAL; it deserves more, especially against a show like C³.

I shouted, “I like to be a space pirate!”

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