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Irisu Syndrome! Review

For three days,
I am alone. In my room.
Was it because of her?

So tell me:

I hear the sounds of insanity.

Those piano chords and notes clicking.
I know all the songs.
These arias of madness.
They make me jitter.

Was I mad for playing this cursed game known as Irisu Syndrome?

Save for the books that do nothing to protect me,
save for the clocks that endlessly tick-tock my lifespan away,
save for my companion that is the sound of pen scribbles in my diary,

Because now,

I am alone.

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Posting Frequencies are Irregular for Now + Side Projects

For posting irregularities on this blog, blame him — k-k-k-KAWAAAAAIIIII!!!

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The Diary of a Living Little Sister

Day One:

“Neechan, it’s breakfast!”

Her lips — her pink lips glistens from saliva. Her eyelids separate to reveal a majestic brown iris, but that schism is long gone; it was shut in a matter of seconds. She groaned. Her bedroom was pitch black. Till I drew the curtains, pulling sunlight from outside to help me wake my dear sister.

“Ui, later…” She said, which sounds like the purr of a cat. That’s what I liked about my big sister; she reminded me of a cute cat. I would love to cuddle with her, but she would be late not just breakfast but —

“School’s starting soon!”

Yui must be up playing Gitah till midnight again. She was bent on sleeping. Till her stomach growled.

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Gahaha! Thoughts on Muv-Luv Alt’s Tracing Problems

I like to talk about Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse‘s character designs that has been making headlines in the anime and figurine world. Maybe you’ve heard about the scandal of Muv-Luv’s artist’s sloppy tracing problems, but as any contributor of Going Commando on Anime shows: we all have radically different opinions from the majority.

In my case, I love the Total Eclipse’s girls’ asses.

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An Important Story Regarding Anime News Network, Anime Expo 2012, and Bronies

Hello, this is Lily again! We just hacked the blogger and she — maybe a he? — forgot to change the password.

Remember my great rambling on the Return of Toonami post? We have recently released TOM on some trains and that worked really fine. Everybody liked Toonami; everyone should be.

But now, we are facing a crisis of frightening proportions. We’re here to tell you something evil that has done by Anime Expo and this blogger!

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The Philosophy of Kill Me Baby

In all probability, this anime is steeped with philosophy!

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Love, Elections, and Chocolate: Summer 2012 Impressions

Okay, bitches and hoes: the team is going to deliver their impression on some upcoming summer animes’ trailers even though people have done it ages ago!

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Previously on Saki: Achiga-hen ~episode of side-A~

Everyone’s looking at me play. My opponents, the children, the adults, the grandparents, and maybe God — they’re all watching me. I close my eyes. I feel nothing except stillness. I draw a tile and my thumb recognizes the impression.

A smile appears in my face. The opponent at the eastern side looks at me and her hair already whitening from my crazy plays feel my sinister tile. I can feel my aura expanding throughout the table and I give one last breath. Then, I smack the tile down and scream,

“Tsu –”

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1,000 Page Views and More: A Start for This Blog

I’ve reached 1,000++ page views! Four days ago! This short post is relevant!

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