1,000 Page Views and More: A Start for This Blog

I’ve reached 1,000++ page views! Four days ago! This short post is relevant!

I like to thank the following people for helping out establish this blog: Liberated Liberater for being in my jerk sphere and increasing my competitive spirit to destroy his blog completely based on just statistics, Dliessmgg for tweeting and submitting my Nisemonogatari article and letting me troll his blog, Twitter users who retweeted things like “What did I just read” (@Hit_TP) and “Well…” (@RichardR), Reddit users, my psychology teacher for making my toothbrush article the most overly-read thing on this blog, and FAKKU.net to help me out in desperate times.

However, while it is a considerable achievement to have 1,000 views in about two weeks and five days for an upstart blog, I must look forward to the future. I read Getting More People into Your Business: A Quick and Surefire Way for Aspiring Businessmen the other day by the prolific investment advisor, Bernie Madoff, who is currently residing in a luxurious four-star hotel at Durham, North Carolina. I shall follow his four points vigorously; according to his predictions, my blog will have ten million page views and because the world population is almost split evenly between genders, I will have five million gals; that is, and has always been, my objective for this blog.

1. Get a spanking hot female secretary for eye-candy

I have contacted my dear friend, Homerun-chan. She is currently a space pirate and her girlfriend is a magical girl. In her spare time, she will give us her ship logs so everybody can read her embarrassing thoughts.

2. Have a customer service page that no one uses so you look like you have ‘work ethics’

There is a Contact Us page now available. It is possible someone may contact us talented writers and I’d like more spam.

3. More pictures

4. Watch more current anime — or at least last season’s animes

Surprisingly, I have been writing more on past animes. This is probably because I’m not that interested in writing episodic blogs and I like to watch animes in short bursts too, instead of waiting for one episode every week.

But indeed, it’s no excuse to not watch last season’s animes. If anyone has a suggestion for me to watch, use my Contact Us page.

This is a pretty short post. I just graduated from high school yesterday so I don’t feel like writing much. According to the word count, this is nearing a half of what I usually write. I also had dessert wine and while I obviously don’t have a hangover, I like to relax a bit.

Happy summer break, kids.

This post has been edited numerous times due to the horrendous spelling and grammar perpetrated by the original writer. Here is a snippet:

while 1,000 views is like fucking awesome
i mean its like 2 weeks
i wan more
how do i put pic here again

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Administrator and reader account for the blog, Going Commando for Anime. Has great spelling and grammar.

7 responses to “1,000 Page Views and More: A Start for This Blog”

  1. Justin says :

    1,000 views is nothing to celebrate

    Ah, congrats. Obviously, hope you guys continue to get an increase in readership and more traffic!

  2. schneider says :

    I noticed something, your images are of varying size when viewed over a feed reader. It looks fine when viewed at your blog, but I read through my feed reader… Something to think about.

    Don’t stop at 1000, go for 100000!

    • Trollkastel says :

      Oh dear.

      This is because we are too lazy to resize everything to 500×500. When we grab stuff from the internet or from the actual anime, we didn’t feel like it wouldn’t post a problem.

      Later, we are thinking of moving our blog to Aniblogger and this problem for the earlier posts will be fixed. We’ll try not to be utterly lazy for our future posts. Thanks for telling us that.

  3. dliessmgg says :

    Congrats for 1k views in two weeks.

    /looks at my 1.5k views in 9 months

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