Love, Elections, and Chocolate: Summer 2012 Impressions

Okay, bitches and hoes: the team is going to deliver their impression on some upcoming summer animes’ trailers even though people have done it ages ago!

Tari Tari

Trollkastel: So this anime is made by the same studio that did Hanasaku Iroha. And it’s another original work like the previous show. The staff is mostly the same with two distinct exceptions: the director and the writer. The director did some part on Hanasaku before, but really only had the Professor Layton movie to his credit. The writer went to write for AKB0048.

Commander Obvious: is dat minkochi
Homerun-chan: I don’t think it is…
CO: did minkochi speak in classical music omg dat cat too wait everyone is
H: That’s a cute horse!
T: Bicycle. And a guy whacking the air with his racket. Wicked.
H: I don’t get the plot though… We just see people leaving and entering…
CO: omg there is voice is it god
T: Yes, and God is a high school girl.
H: So the show is called Tari Tari? It’s cute! I’m watching it!
CO: im watching it because dere r baluts esp minkochi
T: Same here.

Sword Art Online

T: This is based on a ridiculously popular light novel series which sets itself in a MMORPG world. The main character is a beta player and cannot logout due to some errors in the gear. He has to play rough in PvP or else he will die. And it has Kajiura Yuki as a composer.

CO: .hack//sign
T: Yep.
H: What’s that?
CO: love or hate anime
T: But I don’t think that’s a problem here. Tsukasa isn’t here.
H: Hm… I don’t really like violent stuff, but —
T & CO: Watching it because of Kajiura.
H: What?!

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate

T: Also called Koichoco, the official title in English is Love, Election & Chocolate. This is an eroge adaptation, which looks like a chara-ge and a moe-ge. It’s animated by the people behind Oreimo and Haganai.

CO: the real question is then: how little fanservice will there be
H: The girls’ hair — it looks cut —
T: Good god, they are frightening! What were they thinking?
CO: why does this show haf chocolate in the title
T: Amagami SS with chocolate as plot device. I wonder if it ends on Valentine’s Day.
CO: i wan School Days ending in dis show plz
T: Higurashi with chocolate as weapon. Yum~

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita

T: Most people know it by its English name, Mankind Has Declined. Directed by Angel Beats!‘s and Persona 4: THE ANIMATION‘s director, Kishi Seiji, this show is about the declining birth rates by many species including humans. However, a certain species called the Fairies prospered. They are about 10cm long. The main protagonist’s job is to visit them, but…

CO: but what
T: Can’t find any info.
CO: in the internets?!?!
H: This show does have a nice, soothing feeling. Kinda reminds me of Aria.
T: And it looks like it has surreal humor.
CO: but kishi seiji
T: I know. I hope he doesn’t screw this show up…


T: … Do I have to explain a Shana Clone? It’s animated by Diomedea, the studio behind Ika Musume. The director is Kusakawa Keizou who did the Nanoha sequels and movies — and Ro-Kyu-Bu!.

CO: shana grew up and dyed her hair blonde
H: I like the name of Campione. What does it mean?
T: It’s an Italian commune in the Province of Como in the Lombardy Region. The full name is Campione d’Italia.
H: I wonder if they actually —
T: No. Do not give them credit.
CO: looks like the narrator is having sex with norio wakamoto

Natsuyuki Rendezvous

T: Get this: you got turned on by a girl in the flower shop and want to make a move, but you see her dead husband floating and he started trolling you. That’s this anime. The studio animating this, Dogakobo, isn’t too well-known for making josei works like this; after all, they animated Yuru Yuri. But this is a noitaminA work so it may prove to be interesting.

CO: 30 second video wut

H: Actually, I think it’s a nice love triangle story. I mean, the ghost really likes his wife a lot and can’t bear to leave her alone for one second. I think it will be a nice romance work and I expect a lot of maturity in its themes because this is a josei work.

T: That’s true, but the premise seems unbelievable. You need a great first episode to make it work. One of the problems with AnoHana is that Menma’s sudden appearance is never explained. I get it she’s a wandering spirit, but why does she appear randomly after so many years? Same with this show. Why is this husband more special than other dead people? Questions like that destroy disbelief.

H: That’s where you’re wrong. Usagi Drop, another josei work, has an even sillier premise: a middle-aged guy taking care of his grandfather’s illegitimate child. And look how beautiful it is. Premises are nothing compared to everything else in the work.

CO: shits so serious man thats what anibloggers do


Summer 2012 sucks.

Will be watching:

Tari Tari, Sword Art Online, Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita, and Natsuyuki Rendezvous.

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