Gahaha! Thoughts on Muv-Luv Alt’s Tracing Problems

I like to talk about Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse‘s character designs that has been making headlines in the anime and figurine world. Maybe you’ve heard about the scandal of Muv-Luv’s artist’s sloppy tracing problems, but as any contributor of Going Commando on Anime shows: we all have radically different opinions from the majority.

In my case, I love the Total Eclipse’s girls’ asses.

Ao Miyata is a good person. I think he has been framed for striking down some meaningless concepts called creativity and originality. My, what the hell’s wrong with him not being creative and original?

A dakimakura isn’t meant to be looked at in a gallery. And in the first place, isn’t it meant for loners to pretend that they are hugging a loved one? They wouldn’t care if it’s original or not; they’re just 40 year old virgins.

They want to be loved.

They’re not some art critic. Their weapons in their pants — weak, fragile they are — have not touched one single thing except their hands in their whole life. If some noble art hero says these figurines and dakimakuras suck because it’s copied, what are they supposed to whack off to?

They can’t whack off to themselves: they’re too ugly! You are forcing men whose faces are pimpled, wider than the Golden Gate Bridge, and lips the size of a hippo’s butt to look at themselves on the mirror and try to pleasure themselves with their looks.

What was that Eighth Amendment that people like to say in those US shows — ah yes, doesn’t that institute a “cruel and unusual punishment”? Even if they are fat slobs that don’t contribute to society, they are human beings!

Other than that, American Army: English can eat shit.

I, on the other hand, am excited about the figurines. I heard one of them is traced from a porno model. That’s exciting! Those models know how to turn people on; after all, it’s their job. I give kudos to my man, the artist, for copying her pose for your figurine literally. For those underaged to watch the great art of sex, they can get those models via the innocent figurines without any problems. If you’re a parent (which I pity you — I abandoned my parental responsibility years ago), then I suggest using the figurines to teach your kids about the birds and the bees if you’re too conservative about showing a sex tape to your young ones. That way, they know how to have sex.

And I like figurines that go all the way out in seducing men like me. If all women were like that, I’d be in Eden.

Which brings me to another argument against my man: feminism. I wish that movement just die already. Why does that movement exist? Some crazy female like Mary Wollstonecraft writing letters and essays arguing for more respect just irks me.

The references used by the ARTIST (he’s better than all the artists, therefore he needs capital letters) are based on licentious females, both fictional and real. The best type of girls.

And so, is it wrong to reference your sexy girls based on other sexy girls, Mrs. Virginia Woolf? I think the problem is the amount of sexiness. If some feminist comes up to me and says, “Look at all these sexy drawings of females! They disgust me!”, I will reply, “Yes, I think they should go nude.”

Why aren’t they nude anyway? Nudity is a form of art — something I’m quite good at appreciating. Think of the money and popularity this work will get. I know this VN is rated #1 in VNDB, but it may need a bigger boost: bouncing breasts. It will make this mecha show be more attractive than other shows this summer.

If the ARTIST lands another job (I hope he will for I am his biggest fan now), he should use references from actual porno pics. Use all types of girls: megane, ponytail, big breasted, and et cetera. Make the best girl poses out of the infinite material the internet has to offer. Unleash your creativity!

That’s right: this is real creativity. Some call it plagiarism; I call it creativity. Everyone is on that thin line between plagiarism and creativity. Everyone wants to do something and it’s always based on something else. What constitutes plagiarism? And what constitutes creativity?

There’s some that are plain obvious — like in this case, which is obviously creative by every standards possible known to mankind. But what about the ones that are iffy? The ones really worth discussing about?

The answer to me is clear: I don’t know, but let’s masturbate.

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