The 1st First Summer 2012 Impressions: Chitose Get You!, Tari Tari, Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita, Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse

A room filled with clothes all over the place.

Strange liquids are on the floor. TROLLKASTEL is waking up on stage left, looking at the mess. Hair preferably messy. HOMERUN-CHAN is sleeping at downstage, barely clothed. She is blushing and drooling. COMMANDER OBVIOUS is smoking grass at center stage. RANCE is naked (again) at downstage right. There are a bunch of girls lying naked upstage, all snoring soundlessly.

The staff members of this blog must have had an orgy again.

Trollkastel: Oh shit, we haven’t posted a darn article up for a week again.
Commander Obvious: omg our nonexistent fans will get pissed
T: Let’s be lazy, bring our team together, and watch some crappy anime on Crunchyroll.
Homerun-chan: (slowly waking up) But there is only three anime episodes out… And we usually put 1,400 as a minimum word count… That’s always been our motto…
CO: if all else fails
T: … At the end of the post, we will put “BALLS BALLS” to make up for the word count lost. Which is what I did on NaNoWriMo two years ago. We will also put the OPs of animes so the post will look a bit longer.
Rance: What about “BOOBIES!” for variety?
T: Splendid idea.
R: Of course, I’m a genious.
T: Wait, I wrote some impressions at Organization ASG; they’ll be up soon. Will that conflict?
CO: lol who gives a damn

Chitose Get You!

Notes on the video

R: By the way, what you embed isn’t an OP.
T: I know. They don’t have an OP; it’s an ED.
R: Wow.

I think it’s supposed to be funny.

T: It’s a three minute long anime. I think it’s supposed to be funny. The anime focuses on a girl who has a crush on an older boy.
R: Go for it, girl~
H: Um, I don’t know if I can approve this anime… but I think it’s funny…
T: What —
CO: the
CO: pardon my japanese french but how the hell is this funny

T: Every joke feels forced. This is obviously a yonkoma panel adapted into the silver screen without care. The show is unnaturally hyper so it will force people to laugh. The animation looks like it came from 2004. Everyone will compare it to Azumanga Daioh because that show is better. Hell, Kill Me Baby, whether you like it or not, had better production values and knew what it’s going into. Chitose feels like a toddler crawling in the Golden Gate Bridge.

H: S — Sorry ;_;

Other notes:

R: I think it will work better as a premise of a hentai. Just sayin’.
CO: that already exists

Tari Tari


T: Our predictions were right: the badminton guy was foreveralone.jpg.
CO: pngs are better than jpg
R: Gifs of [censored] are better.
H: What about —
R: Needs more fanservice.

Story doesn’t matter; it’s pretty!

T: Anyway, it looks like it’s developing its story as a fusion of K-On! and Hanasaku Iroha. We got Minkochi-lookalike who is tsundere; an orange-haired girl who is probably Ohana with a better bosom; big boobed girl from HanaIro comes back; and a bunch of male characters. I’m not too impressed by the first episode, but that was the same sensation I felt with HanaIro.

H: I think the characters are the best part of this show. Everybody looks so friendly and the atmosphere around them seems so nice I want to be in that school. It’s really colorful — what can you expect, it’s a PA work! — and you feel intimate with the characters almost quickly. I think viewers should try to watch it in 1080p because everything is so beautiful and pretty. I think it’s the art we are supposed to be watching, not the story. The girls are so cute!

R: Yeah, they’re pretty hot. Can’t wait for them to appear on Fakku.

Anime hates adults

T: What I can’t stand though is the adult characters. HanaIro — I believe everyone’s gonna make the comparison anyway — has the crazy old but badass grandma who is stubborn and doesn’t want to let go of tradition. But the adult character here, the vice-principal, just seemed like a 100% bitch. Almost irreconcilable. Did she go to the parenting school of Ikari Gendo or something? Minkochi’s father seems pretty laidback, but we don’t really know much except that his wife is dead for a while.

H: It’s obvious the writer is focusing on the teens. It seems sloppy of them to introduce the adults in a bad way. Gotta agree with you on HanaIro‘s adults. What about Wajima Tomoe from that lovely hot spring show? I’m thinking that the pregnant teacher might go that way — with her constant, light jokes on Minkochi’s aloof character. I do hope the adult characters get better.

Is K-ON! the dark side?

T: That said, I don’t think anyone can judge how this show is going to fare. Music is a central aspect, but it hasn’t been introduced yet. Will it go the K-ON! way or will it be like BECK — a serious, gritty view on rock bands? Or will it go in the middle, going for the odd drama HanaIro has? What a mystery. I wish they introduce the premise a bit better.

CO: at least they dont have nano.ripe’s singer singing god she sucks

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita

Notes on the video:

CO: speak of the devil
T: Actually, this OP is pretty good. Hell, it’s actually the best out of this season so far.

Best show ever.

T: This show has a talking bread and a walking skinned chicken. Watch it.
H: So kawaii~ Everything is so sunny!
R: God, that girl’s hot.
T: She is.
H: Are we going to talk about the story?

T: I have already written an impression on OASG, but looking over it: I should have written lesser. Surprises are best left hidden. Besides, this sentence will end in the 900 word count marker. See?

R: While I’m not into cutesy stuff, I can see that this anime will be great.
T: Hell, I can’t wait for the next episode.
CO: watch this in 1080p seriously
T: Definitely watch in 300000p if that’s possible.
H: I like to live in that place.
CO: you want to live with a talking carrot bread what

1080p hates Chitose

R: By the way, since we’ve been recommending the previous two shows to be watched in 1080p, what about watching Chitose in 1080p?
T: Not possible. It’s only available in standard definition and 480p on Crunchyroll. And why would you?

Muv-Luv Alternate: Total Eclipse


T: For now.
CO: so we got something better
T: The intro to Muv-Luv Alt.

Oh dear, setting

T: Oh dear, do we have to talk about setting?
CO: yes
T: This is going to take forever.
H: Is Muv-Luv a long VN?

T: It’s a trilogy. The first two Muv-Luv are alternate universes and the Alternate universe is another breed. All depend on each other to make sense. I haven’t played any of them so I can’t say much about the work. Except the setting is huge. You might as well take a history class in college to learn a lot.

CO: is that all
T: Well, there’s Imperial Japan —
R: Boring.

Asuka > Total Eclipse’s heroines

R: I’d stick my hyper weapon into their plug suits anytime.
CO: asuka in eva plug suit is hotter
R: Pity they weren’t in their plug suits at the beginning. Only at the end.

Evangelion Derail

T: Apparently, Alternate focuses on PTSD, politics, and other important stuff.
CO: evangelion
R: Without Asuka.
T: Oh god, it’s not an Eva ripoff. It comes from a VN.
H: I don’t like this anime… it’s really scary… and hard to understand…
R: Goddammit, this mecha show sucks. Not enough girls in plug suits!
T: We are totally not the audience for this show. We’ll have to drop the conversation on it.


CO: its only 1,300 words
T: Let’s conclude, then put “BALLS BOOBIES” into the post.
CO: okay
T: Summer 2012 officially sucks.
H: Except for Jinrui
R: That show rocks my balls.

And the moment you’ve been waiting for:


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