Dear Bokenasu98:

Do you remember me, my love?

Of course you do, it’s been only a day or two.

I have written a dear post to you. And I am glad you have read it, my love. Nothing satisfies me more than a reader.

You have recently posted on Facepunch that you have succeeded in trolling me at MyAnimeList. That I applaud. Loudly.

But you may ask: How did I find out? WordPress likes referrers and tracks them down for me. I had to register to find out what your post is. If you don’t feel like registering, here it is in picture form (clickable for full zoom):

I give you kudos for trolling most of the participants in the club. Indeed, your trolling is fantastic.

But you of course don’t understand our main point. We at the club are frustrated over actually bad reviews. You may find it fun and games, but we find it despicable. Not that you fooled us but you don’t understand. An idiot like you can only be so juvenile in your pranks and yet, understand so little.

Suppose you troll about the Jasmine/Egyptian Revolution. It’s pretty funny and a bunch of people get some laughs out of it. On the other side, we find that making fun of a democratic revolution foolish and brutish. In fact, it’s childish. You are merely pissing a legitimate movement for the bad reason of “fun and games”.

Okay, that’s hyperbolic, but aniblogging is serious business.

I must give credit to you though: if you didn’t troll so hard, I wouldn’t get this fantastic idea known as Shinning Terribad reviews. Your childish trolling had its tables turned around; I got about 200 page views today, breaking the old record of 160. I thank the Facepunch community for clicking on my blog 8 times; that erects my e-penis. This is a good situation for a young, mostly unrecognized blog.

Gotta love controversy.

So Bokenasu98, feel free to link to this post too, my lovely comrade. I like pageviews, but I hate self-advertising. I’m awkward with writing advertisements; I prefer writing content instead. Advertising is another talent that I do not possess.

Maybe this post will be derided as well. I’m happy if it will be.

I like page views. People should click on my blog more. ^_^

About Kastel

My panache feels very hard.

One response to “Dear Bokenasu98:”

  1. etery-chan says :

    Ah hah~
    Any fool can tell that he’s just making excuse now.
    If his review was really intended as a troll to begin with, he should do it harder, and not something lifeless and crappy like that.

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