Shinning Terribad Fanfics: An Introduction

5,000~ pageviews for two months and a half blog? Yayifications~

Let’s not stop right there; let’s broaden our scope with not just reviews (or intereviews) but fanfics as well!

Fanfics are abysmal to read, which makes it all the funnier for me to critique. With Shinning Terribad reviews, my primary source is good ol’ MyAnimeList. With fanfiction, it’s Both are filled with QUALITY writing. As usual, my main concern is bad writing. Fiction is a powerful medium and I sincerely believe there are great fanfics out there; Sherlock Holmes was literally a fanfic by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for a Poe short story. So it’s silly to say all fanfics suck.

Of course, 99% of fanfics suck. I’ll make fun of those 99%.

However, there are guidelines I must follow before I go write some batshit insane stuff:

  1. It must be anime/manga-related or at least Japanese-related. This blog is called, after all, Going Commando on Anime. I know it’s frustrating to not review a Hawaii Five-O fanfic (yeah, it exists), but anime is more important.
  2. I must have some knowledge over the series being written about. Fanfics are supposed to be read by people who have knowledge.
  3. Like my Shinning Terribad reviews, I will deliberately ignore any trollfic. However, I will give kudos to this awesome trollfic writer.

There will also be variations from the usual Shinning Terribad formula of success:

  1. Because most fanfics are long (and boring), I will summarize the events that happened between the quotes. This is unlike my ST Reviews, in which I tend to copy all of the review material.
  2. Instead of the “episodes seen” and other categories, I will put the following: Author’s Description, Genre, Rating, Chapters, and Word Count
  3. There are also reviews in I might paste and comment on them if they’re interesting enough.

I plan to write more Shinning Terribad Reviews than its new sister because it’s easier to comment on reviews and it’s less tiring. Yet, I feel that a talk about storytelling is needed. Writing is storytelling in a way; whenever you read an article, it tells you something. Bad articles lack imagination and writing skills. If you can’t write non-fiction, you can’t write fiction. The vice versa also applies.

So trolling it is!

Any questions?

P.S. Terribad article tomorrow if all goes well~


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