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This blog carnival theme looks great! Let’s talk about why I don’t read most aniblogs (except the ones featured in “Blogs I Read”)!

Anyway, I’m gonna briefly talk about blog carnivals because most of my readers don’t come from the aniblogosphere — something I’m really proud of. Blog carnivals are basically a carnival of people writing about the same subject. These tends to be reflective and thoughtful.

I think I’m reflective and thoughtful. Look at how many sex jokes I’ve made on Twitter!

I wanted to join one, but I kept forgetting.

This one though: I wanted to join. I have so much to complain~

A little bit of backstory behind this blog and the pre-ice cream challenge talk with 2DT:

When I met 2DT, a blogger who is considered godly by many people, two days ago to do the ice cream challenge, he asked me a great question:

Why did you start a blog?

Left: 2TD. Right: Me.

My answer was along the lines of this:

Eh, I saw all the blogging in Aniblog Tourney 2012 and said, “Man, I think I can beat all these folks.”

This self-confidence comes not just from mediocre writing, but that I’m a decent writer.

I’m such a narcissist~

Of course, if 2DT’s and c2switch’s Tumblr is in the Tourney, I’m screwed. Later on, we talked about eroge. This has nothing to do with the discussion.

Anyway, talking about this is important because I look down on 95% of all blogs. Why does it have to be this high? There’s so many reasons. I’m going to explain why most blogs should suck my dick or die.

Why not get to reflect on what we like to read and for what reasons? (reviews, commentaries, editorials)

What I read is simple: good, entertaining writing. Don’t care if it’s reviews, commentary, editorials, or porn posts. I just want fun.

My favorite blog is obviously That’s where I stole the idea of Shinning Terribad anyway. His writing is childish; he can be seen as a giant troll. Yet, his writing is so entertaining I just laugh. And trolling is fun!

I am one sick guy.

I’m probably the only blogger (besides this Penguindrum hater) who likes the guy during and after the Aniblog Tourney. It’s annoying since his blog is just a great blog to lurk about. Not to mention his blog is useful if you’re looking for good subs.

The only episodic blog to read, in my opinion, is The Cart Driver. Because it has Shinde. Oh yeah, there’s also Scamp, who is pretty good dealing with the nonsense NakaImo is giving us. Great blog to discuss episodes.

The Untold Story of Altair and Vega is just good philosophy writing. I like stuff like this. When I read this blog, it makes me look pretentious.

This pretentious.

Also, Anime Instrumentality has some mad writing skills. I bow down to their god, zzeroparticle, who is a way better music reviewer than I am. 2DT and I both agreed that their writing rocks literally. Their writing style is so comprehensive it becomes unique.


There’s still more, but I don’t want to fangasm; I’m supposed to be evil in this post. I will also mention other blogs I read as this question is really interspersed with the other questions.

What do we do when we stumble across a new blog?

I like new blogs to be well-designed. I don’t know why, but RSS readers don’t fit me. I also had basic web design information so stuff like blog design turns me on. Also, reading this blog really requires you to actually look at the webpage. I made it that way. Stop fucking it up, Google Reader ;_;

I also read a bit of their posts that interest me. Click here, click there.

Then, I do this test. Here’s the gist of it (the full version is in the next question):

Do I really care about this writer’s opinion on this subject?

Also, the “Do I give a damn?” test.

Sometimes, teachers call it the “So what?” factor, but that’s too nice. Now, if the writing fires me up to comment (“omg jintai is the best stfu noob reviewer”, “lol this is funny”, “i agre this anime needs more boobies”), this may be a blog I might follow. Most episodic blogs fail this simple test.

Is having a justified opinion that hard? I don’t know, but most blogs can’t even piss me off; they just depress me.

What must a good animanga blog have and do?

Boring people will say, “Originality.” Originality is overrated and this is coming from a writer whose blog has been called “original” and “unique” because of my column and past fictional anecdotes. Whatever, man. Originality suxx0rz.

Writing comes from the soul. I wanna know why I should care about your opinion. So it boils down to this:

  • Does the subject interest me?
  • Do I like the writer?
  • Do I really care about this writer’s opinion on this subject?

If you get a good subject like “Hidamari Sketch and Lesbians: Why It’s Cool to Have Yuri Subtext Everywhere” or “Neon Genesis Evangelion and Masturbation: Freudian Symbolism at Its Finest”, that’s awesome! I’d love to read that! But if you fuck it up, I cry.

One of Going Commando on Anime‘s most famous post is this son of a bitch (and yes, I’m the bitch; metaphors rule, bitch): My High School Psychology Teacher on Nisemonogatari’s Toothbrush Scene. I hate this overrated post so much; yet, it’s one of the best. It’s basically an interview with my teacher on whether it is possible to orgasm from toothbrushing. I’ll take other people word for it that this article is the best this blog offers; however, I think the introduction post of Shinning Terribad is the best. It’s about the reasons why MAL reviews just suck and what I’m doing to prevent it from sucking.

Of course, finding an interesting subject to blog is impossible; it finds you instead. This doesn’t work if you’re blogging weekly so I can deal with subjects already written about. Or you can just write nonsense. Who cares where the source is from: just write something that entertains me.

And because this criteria is so simple and flexible, this blog is my favorite: Taskforce M.O.E. In the blog, the writer encourages people to bring up arms against the “Anti-Moe Brigade”. He also criticizes arguments they have. This blog takes everything so seriously tons of readers thought this is something from Monty Python. People can call it poorly written, but I keep going to this blog more than other blogs. A great animanga blog in my

What blogging behaviors annoy us (anonymously of course)?

Lazy, shallow writing in general. This is pretty obvious; I do the Shinning Terribad column.

Aniblogs (and MAL reviewers too) have a tendency to write giant texts of wall that mean nothing. Every sentence is fluff. I almost feel like an asshole skimming all these blogs just to know what the heck are people saying. Then, I get frustrated and just read the comments. For some reason, people can read these blogs and understand what they’re saying even from all this fluff. Many people say I have good endurance for reading terribad reviews, but you need to give kudos to these people who reads aniblogs daily.

Also, people should seriously hire an editor if they can’t edit. I grumble whenever someone mistakes “affect” and “effect”. Of course, I go PLATINUM MAD (or PLANTINUM MAD if you like my misspelling) when writers can’t understand the difference between “it’s” and “its”; “your” and “you’re”; and more.

I thought you guys could write ;_;

I suggest subscribing to Longreads for great examples of good long writing. Journalists know how to write because they had to go to journalism school. Unless they work in Fox News — I assume you just have to be a pretty conservative blonde to work there.

I don’t read blogs; I read tweets

Recently, Dliesmgg felt like abandoning his blog. Blogging is tough, he tweets. Maybe he just wants to tweet.

He’s right.

Blogging takes a giant dedication and you need energy to write a post. Twitter is easier: 140 characters is nothing. 1,400 word posts isn’t.

So these days, I’ve been reading other people’s tweets. They’re not blogs, but whatever: it’s fun to read tweets. Twitter is a great place to talk to other people who has similar interests. You can write shit and get retweeted like crazy. Besides 2DT, I’ve met his girlfriend, ToastCrust, Marower from Anime Viking (no way am i linking his blog twice), eternal (sexy girl), Emily of Listless Vega, and more.

I should have joined Dliesmgg’s anitweeting too. Problem is: Shinning Terribad is too addictive as well.

This is bad for my health.

Edit: The organizer found this post too mean and I have been labeled as a non-polite participant. This is not an entry for the current Blog Carnival. I appreciate people linking to my post despite the status. If you’ve read this blog post and find this to actually be polite and critical, feel free to link to this blog post. I have satirized her silliness with this post.

Polite participants:


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12 responses to “lol me reading other aniblogs”

  1. etery-chan says :

    My favorite would be “Treading on the Deadly Water of Sword Art Online”. The jokes such as how you don’t have sexy sidekick to help you makes me laugh non stop.
    trolls > everything
    Entertainment and laugh are more important than any analysis.
    I found this blog through one of the comments on your blog, and I loved every bit of it!

    • Trollkastel says :

      Just edited it for you; now, it hyperlinks. Use html~

      Comedy can work together with analysis. Most people don’t realize that so it ends up being boring and dense.

  2. Kai says :

    Anime Instrumentality haz mad writing skills indeed. The thoughts they put into reviewing the music albums are out of this world.

    “If you get a good subject like “Hidamari Sketch and Lesbians: Why It’s Cool to Have Yuri Subtext Everywhere” or “Neon Genesis Evangelion and Masturbation: Freudian Symbolism at Its Finest”, that’s awesome! I’d love to read that! But if you fuck it up, I cry.”

    I Lol’ed. Would certainly love to read these topics, if these actually come out or something.

    • Trollkastel says :

      Thank you for the time to read my offensive post. I hope you are offended by everything I said because I’m not a polite participant.

      Anyway, AniInstrumentality is just absurd. I was annoyed they got voted out pretty early in the tourney because they’re one of the best blogs out there. I do music reviews at OASG so when I have writer’s block, I’ll read some of their writings. I’m impressed by the way they turn their reflective thoughts into something digestible in paper. I don’t think I will ever achieve that level of writing ever. They’re already excellent and they’re still improving.

      Maybe they’ll reach out to the truth.

      I do think subjects like “Yuri Subtext” will be interesting, but bloggers tend to fuck them up somehow. Usually, it’s a good idea turned into rehashed content. Since I am barred by the organizer from linking to other blogs (even if it’s just a friendly jab), I can generalize: catchy hook -> good content -> filler filler filler -> conclusion that means nothing in the end.

      If that’s good writing, I can do that too. But that isn’t good, interesting writing; it’s just mediocre writing.

  3. foshizzel says :

    Nice write up on ani-blogging!

    I tend to float around posting comments all over the ani-sphere, but I usually go for blogs that make me laugh so in short comedy themed posts always inspire me to be more creative when writing a review. then again it really depends on the series you decide to follow.

    As an episodic writer for Metanorn I find it really depends on the genre you run with, I usually hit up comedy, Action or Mecha based anime for reviews where I can experiment by throwing in random jokes based around screenshots! I guess you just have to find what works for you and run with it.

    • Trollkastel says :

      Yep, I visit blogs that entertain me. Comedy is pretty rare here so that’s why I set up the blog this way. Writing can only be fun if you know what interests you. That’s the only way to survive in the long, arduous path of blogging, I feel.

      I tried experimenting with comedic reviews, but in the end I got all too serious. Currently, my music reviews in OASG are bipolar in terms of seriousness. It’s hard to fuse entertainment into your writing, but that’s the art of writing anyway.

      After all, nobody said writing is going to be easy!

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