Shinning Terribad Review: Summer ’12 Game Edition

This game is like Ace Attorney: you use a lot of bullshit logic.

Let’s play a game: guess what anime this reviewer is reviewing!

The game is simple: I will do the normal Shinning Terribad stuff, but I will not write info or background information.

Instead, the necessary information will be hidden down in the bottom. Why not spoilered? Because basic WordPress doesn’t understand what a spoiler tag is.

I hate free things. Someone, host me!

Anyway, there are tons of anime reviews that are so vague it’s amazing. Take out the name and the characters and what you have is a generic review with no meaning. MyAnimeList reviewers are proficient at that.

So I challenge my readers to try to guess which anime these reviewers are reviewing. I will modify the review to obscure the plot details, characters, and obviously its title. The modified title will be in PURPLE and everything else will be in PINK.

Today’s theme: animes from the Summer 2012 season. Because mid-season reviews are often great!

So please take my hand…

… And let’s gogogo!

#1: Have fun guessing this one!

This story got me hooked after the first 5 minutes of the first episode, I got no problem with the art or sound and I find the characters very enjoyable, almost as if I bonded with them at first glance. The humor is something extra, It helps balance the mood of the story and personally I love the humor.

This short review is a jumble of words that don’t mean anything; MAL reviewers are very good at this. I like these types of reviews to be played here because taking it out of context of the anime, you have no idea what the hell this anime is.

So have fun (and don’t Google)!

#2: what the cows

well got ta say it did rush me and i was stumped for a few minutes wondering what the cows going on.ATHOUGH,i kanda like the rush i mean you see mostly all the anime created made me wait to see what happened but it was like OMG get to the point already u like her right!!!

2 other reviewers found this review helpful. They must be anthropologists, able to read what the hell this one giant clunky paragraph review is about.

“Well, I got to say that this show did rush me. I was stumped for a few minutes, wondering what the cows is going on. Now, I kinda like the rush. I don’t like shows that make me wait, wondering what’s going to happen. Seriously, like totally OMG~~~ get to the point! You like her!”

they make it so suspenceful(dont no how 2 spell it)

Thank goodness browsers don’t have spell-check features these days!

i had to skip to da ending just to be on with it i dont kare i dont like to ruin the moment but come on(no homo).

Chick Fil-A will like to hire you.

that is why this is the best.(dont jugde me i like SAO a little better but….)come on(no homo).

Eh, I’m leaving the SAO thing. This review might be too hard to guess. It’s so bad~

this make it interesting to get to the point …i want to watch because it is mysterious idk what comes next. to all the fan who like this dont like it.

“what comes next” should have “(no homo)”.


This isn’t a forum. Your review is not called the “Original Post”; it’s just a review. I seriously can’t tell if this review is a troll review or not.

Again, good luck players.

#3: damn bishies

Ouran highschool host club is not an amazing show at all.It;s a little pervert in a very awful way.You must see that you like to see bishies in a world of girls.


This may be a bit too easy for the game. That said, this is the whole review; people are supposed to formulate a good judgment based on this.

#4: An unfinished review, perhaps?

Well , when I first saw the anime , I honestly tought it wouldn’t be that good , I tought it would be something like others yet I wanted to try it.

These few sentences — because that’s what they really are — make no sense. The last sentence cinch the most confusing sentence award in Shinning Terribad history.

“When I first saw the anime, I honestly thought it wouldn’t be that good. I thought it would be something generic; yet, I wanted to check it out.”

Eh, that’s what I think the writer meant.

And yeah , it became my favorite anime so far of this summer.. this anime got something catchy and the characters are so different and well-thinked you could say.. For example Itou Makoto (

I wanna be a “well-thinked” person too!

This review ends like that. I have no idea why this review existed and how it got 2 other people to upvote it.

#5: Honesty.

I will make this very very short since i suck at writing reviews.

I love this reviewer for such honesty.

what you should expect from this anime is that it got some porntastic footage and lots of action already from first episode, but overall pretty funny scences xD

The changed word is actually an anime genre. It’d be too obvious if I let it stay.

I’m evil~

I would recomend you to watch the first episode if you don’t like it from there drop it but if you like it continue watching it, im sure there will be lots of funny and good scences.

I really think this review helped me out in judging this anime!

I really injoyed the first episode and can’t wait for the next one.

I’m injoyed that this review exists!

Conclusion and Answers:

Eh, this Shinning Terribad is short because I’m still bloated from the 15 scoops of ice cream challenge. I met up with two other bloggers (2DT and vuc_ of Altair and Vega) and one Tumblrer. The ice cream was meant for seven people. We didn’t know that. The four of us finished this:

We are depressed.

I’ll do some normal Shinning Terribad reviews next week. They will be awesome; one of them’s going to be about hentai.

Here are the answers:

  1. Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita
  2. Campione!
  3. Oda Nobuna
  4. Kokoro Connect
  5. Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai!

Whoever thought of Sword Art Online as an answer to any of them: shame on you! I already said I’m done with that crappy work!


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6 responses to “Shinning Terribad Review: Summer ’12 Game Edition”

  1. Slav says :

    You should do this with psgels’s posts. His numerical rating system alone is hilariawful. 4/8 is good, but 7/10 isn’t worth watching.

  2. etery-chan says :

    I was correct on #2 and #3.
    Campione is the only show this season which has cow/bull in it, and only Oda Nobuna fits the description of ‘a world of girls’. The other ones are too hard.
    About Hype Art Online, Guardian Enzo is singing a song of praise on it, I want to kill myself when I remembered that I voted for him several times during aniblog tourney. He’s just kissing his readers’ butts.

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