Shinning Terribad Blog Carnival Posts: lol me reading other aniblogs

Whoever wrote this offensive, radical post should be burned, cut up, and served in burrito wraps.

As thou may hath known, a blog carnival is only for civilized gentlemen and women. Not rascals from the Going Commando from Anime blog. Please read FoxyLadyAyame’s tweets on this matter.

On these “anibloggers”: What are they but a group of simpleton who seeks for sensationalist drama? Us blog writers are polished, mannerly people who keep their Merriam-Webster thesaurus handy beside us so we can be perceived as fine, well-educated writers.

May I, a dear patriotic Tea Party American who eats Chick Fil-A everyday, daresay that we, the upper-class, have all rights to deny the freedom of speech for insolent writers such as this that I shalt now show?

You see, this Going Commando on Anime blog is too radical for us in the bourgeoisie class. We are sensitive human beings — Homo sapiens sensilis, according to some renowned cultural anthropologists — and we can find things that hurt us. Even if the writer claims it’s unintentional.

After all, think about the CHILDREN! They may pick up such a Marxist writing style; it will ruin the high-class aniblogosphere. Drama has already ruined us in the 2nd Aniblog Tourney and to have someone constructively criticize our ways again is pure madness.

To these proletariats who think they know better: you don’t. Go and read your Huckleberry Finn, Mister and Missus Failures. I come from a legacy of blogging: when the World Wide Web was invented by private companies (not Al Gore as some perfectly legitimate historians may claim), I started blogging. Yes, I have been blogging since the 90s. I know what I am talking about; no one has criticized me because I deleted all their negative comments!

I have heard that this blog does a particularly infamous column: the Shinning Terribad column. I conclude that this is a perfect medium to voice out my already voiced opinion. For this very reason, I have hacked into this blog’s admin (his password is: ‘lolsex’) and criticize the writer’s communist manifesto: a blogging revolution.

lol me reading other aniblogs

Username: Trollkastel
Subject: Blog Carnival: Reflections on Animanga Blogs
Found on: Going Commando on Anime

Other Notes: For the rest of you who have not read these undignified articles, the writer criticizes MAL reviews and fanfiction. What he usually does is quote the offending passage and at the bottom, write something ‘humorous’, and put random pictures that have no meaning whatsoever. Is this an aniblog? I do not profess to know why people read this blog. I enjoy reading episodic blog posts and editorials for their thoughts, albeit similar and conventional, give me such jovial thoughts it has become a leisure past time. However, as a form of critical ‘satire’ (what is ‘satire’ anyway?), I shall parody — what an abhorrent word! — his writing and defeat his points through the power of mockery.

This blog carnival theme looks great! Let’s talk about why I don’t read most aniblogs (except the ones featured in “Blogs I Read”)!

How dare you insult another blogger! I know you are insulting the organizer because you have two exclamation marks! See, I have just insulted you.

Anyway, I’m gonna briefly talk about blog carnivals because most of my readers don’t come from the aniblogosphere — something I’m really proud of.

Is this writer insane? Clearly, he must be because the audience should be from the aniblogging sphere! I have read that this blog is merely two months old and a half; indeed, there is no way that this writer is going to succeed. We, professional anibloggers, all know the real audience come from each other. To have an audience other than us is nonsensical at the very least.

Blog carnivals are basically a carnival of people writing about the same subject. These tends to be reflective and thoughtful.

I think I’m reflective and thoughtful. Look at how many sex jokes I’ve made on Twitter!

Call me humorless, but I did not laugh at this joke. My feminist sentiments from reading Austen and Woolf novels have risen up and screamed in pain and agony. Sex jokes are for the proletariats, not us accomplished bloggers.

I wanted to join one, but I kept forgetting.

This one though: I wanted to join. I have so much to complain~

This is the first hint of radical writing; he ended his introduction paragraph with a tilde. A symbol of being cute or something, the writer may possibly claim. However, I see this as an infectious disease that may deconstruct blogging for eternity. Radical punctuation must be banned!

A little bit of backstory behind this blog and the pre-ice cream challenge talk with 2DT:

According to the organizer, this has nothing to do with the Blog Carnival. She’s right: background information that is relevant is off-topic.

When I met 2DT, a blogger who is considered godly by many people, two days ago to do the ice cream challenge, he asked me a great question:

Who is this 2DT? I do not know him even though he is apparently well-acclaimed. Nevertheless, I have heard that vuc_ of Altair and Vega considered him his master. Now, I know Altair and Vega because he follows me on Twitter.

But I am disgusted by this blog post. A “blogger who is considered godly by many people”? Inconceivable! Such heretical writing is not welcome in the blogosphere!

Why did you start a blog?

Again: irrelevant. This has nothing to do with the blog carnival; let me remind you this is supposed to be a reflection on animanga blogs.

Left: 2DT. Right: Trollkastel.

My answer was along the lines of this:

Eh, I saw all the blogging in Aniblog Tourney 2012 and said, “Man, I think I can beat all these folks.”

This self-confidence comes not just from mediocre writing, but that I’m a decent writer.

I’m such a narcissist~

Such self-confidence! I have never seen such self-confidence besides this incompetent writer!

Of course, if 2DT’s and c2switch’s Tumblr is in the Tourney, I’m screwed. Later on, we talked about eroge. This has nothing to do with the discussion.

Even he admits these two sentences don’t mean anything!

Anyway, talking about this is important because I look down on 95% of all blogs. Why does it have to be this high? There’s so many reasons. I’m going to explain why most blogs should suck my dick or die.

My dear God! This is such an offensive joke! How dare someone reference a disgusting eroge in an animanga blog! We all know great animes like Kanon and Air come from legitimate, kid-friendly sources. They don’t come from trash such as eroges!

What I read is simple: good, entertaining writing. Don’t care if it’s reviews, commentary, editorials, or porn posts. I just want fun.

My favorite blog is obviously That’s where I stole the idea of Shinning Terribad anyway. His writing is childish; he can be seen as a giant troll. Yet, his writing is so entertaining I just laugh. And trolling is fun!

Whiners? Anyone who praises Whiners should be condemned and sent to the gallows! This writer is not an aniblogger!

I am one sick guy.

I agree. Wholeheartedly.

I’m probably the only blogger (besides this Penguindrum hater) who likes the guy during and after the Aniblog Tourney. It’s annoying since his blog is just a great blog to lurk about. Not to mention his blog is useful if you’re looking for good subs.

Marower likes Whiners too? I am not reading his blog anymore.

The only episodic blog to read, in my opinion, is The Cart Driver. Because it has Shinde. Oh yeah, there’s also Scamp, who is pretty good dealing with the nonsense NakaImo is giving us. Great blog to discuss episodes.

The Untold Story of Altair and Vega is just good philosophy writing. I like stuff like this. When I read this blog, it makes me look pretentious.

Also, Anime Instrumentality has some mad writing skills. I bow down to their god, zzeroparticle, who is a way better music reviewer than I am. 2DT and I both agreed that their writing rocks literally. Their writing style is so comprehensive it becomes unique.


I shall now use a quote from FoxyLadyAyame’s (the organizer) Twitter:

“Also, I’d like you to know if you’ve asked the bloggers you mention about being ok with your opinions.”

I have to agree: praise needs an “Okay” from these mentioned bloggers. This writer has been in contact with them on Twitter for a while to be acquainted with them, especially Altair and Vega’s vuc_ whom he met in real life a few days ago. These kinds of friendly relationships must require permission to link to other people’s blogs, especially if it’s praise!

Both FoxyLadyAyame and I have clearly read this post and researched this writer before opening our mouths and yapping away.

As you see, this is as far as I have read. I know for certain that this blogger rambles too much and doesn’t make his point coherent. I was too offended by this blogger’s progressive writing style and honest opinions to continue. Before one may mock me for not reading the full posts, I subscribe to the thought of looking at the poster of an anime and rating it from there. No one can deny the unbiasedness and objectivity of that methodology.

I do not believe there will be any more ‘useful’ information past this. You can check the blog post if you want. There is nothing more to it, but actual thought and effort.

My final thoughts:

I find myself in disgust whenever I think of this blog. The writer must apologize to any blogger he mentioned, especially FoxyLadyAyame.

For you see: it is she who has been hurt a lot. Her

is that everyone can get hurt from such harsh writing.

How do I know this? Because she was annoyed from Trollkastel’s writing.

Take a look once more at the tweets: part one and part two.

The writer of this blog claims he didn’t want to offend anyone. He was merely pointing out that most aniblogs are nigh unreadable and boring. This is something he thought that will stir up discussion, not drama.

However, he is not a ‘polite participant’. He was crude, unlikable, and an intolerable prick. I must agree with Foxy — who can’t disagree with her ever? — that what Trollkastel thinks is critical discussion constitutes as drama.

Of course, this narcissist troll claims he was sleeping when this happened. The post was finished — “poof!” he may say — and he slept, thinking it was such a good post. It was a good post indeed in making bloggers cry.

Take a look at this response from a blogger:

Trollkastel has made someone realize that her writing skill is inadequate! Realism is pure blasphemy!

You can also feel the rage from the so-called godly blogger, 2DT, in this tweet:

Look at how many people got pissed by faving that tweet!

There are so many hurt people lying in the battlefield. Some may die and the people who live will have to live with scars. So pardon my French, but Trollkastel is a fucking asshole!

Let me repeat one thing: I am an American. I believe in free speech; everyone should have the right to say things in an open forum. Yet, I am critical of people who criticizes us; we are always correct. Nothing is needed to prove any incorrection that the proletariats think we have. That’s why I dislike this blog; it is too offensive for my taste.

Some may claim that the mentioned blog post isn’t actually offensive. Sure, but it’s too honest.

Honesty and free speech don’t go together. They are not meant to be together; we want to listen to people praising our every good move. A bad move by us bloggers should never be talked or mentioned ever again.

This is why we are ultra-sensitive. We think everyone is coming after us with machine guns and rockets. We are so paranoid that we banned the word “Fire!” in movie theaters. Aniblogging, just like being an American, is serious business. Nobody is supposed to crack a joke. Everything we do must have either friendly praise or drama. Criticism falls right under drama and that is bad.

I must admit one thing: I am not a honest aniblogger. In this world, you must learn to write episodic blogs or do editorials; to do something else is considered a radical work. Honest opinions are drowned while I write great things on why I like Show X when I really don’t.

This is why Going Commando on Anime will never be successful. The fact that the writer relies on an audience besides us is purely idiotic. What’s more: constructively criticizing another blog is a heinous crime. To create a genuinely interesting blog that appeals to people who watch anime is out of the question and it’s just pure plain idealism. If a blog is ever honest, please do not read them anymore. It hurts our feelings as anibloggers. The writer doesn’t know how to shut his own mouth and he should be taped, murdered, and eviscerated.

Going Commando on Anime is not, and never will be, a good aniblog in our eyes.


About Commander Obvious

Administrator and reader account for the blog, Going Commando for Anime. Has great spelling and grammar.

3 responses to “Shinning Terribad Blog Carnival Posts: lol me reading other aniblogs”

  1. Justin says :

    “We all know great animes like Kanon and Air come from legitimate, kid-friendly sources. They don’t come from trash such as eroges!”

    HOW DARE YOU INSULT KANON WITH YOUR SATIRE YOU BASTARD Wait, why can’t I write on here? Have I been banned or something?!?! WHYYYYY

  2. etery-chan says :

    Why is she raging so much when the target username is Troll?
    Also, Fate Stay Night is super good! Who said that all eroges are trash?
    Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi has one of the best anime confession scene IMO. The currently airing one Koi Chocho is also pretty good.

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