Hollow News: Aniblogs Successfully Write on ‘Penguinbear’ Project; Readers Satisfied

CHICAGO — Despite the lack of information surrounding Ikuhara’s new project, anibloggers have circumvented the problem and found ways to write on it.

“It’s very simple,” said a long-time aniblogger OnePeace, “Just write stuff like ‘Hey, there’s a new website called Penguinbear.com. I think it’s related to Penguindrum because it has penguins.’ That’s in-depth analysis right there, kid.”

Later, he patted on my head to show my four-month blog had a long way to go.

OnePeace is the editor-in-chief of a news blog called Anime News Ragnarok, a popular news blog that features scantily-clad anime women in featured pictures. It also has anime industry news and considers itself to be the aniblogging version of Huffington Post.

“Just like the HuffPost,” the blogger said, “we steal from other news blogs and sensationalize our own news!”

A typical write-up on the Penguinbear project can only amount to no more than five words (Ikuhara announces new project, Penguinbear). However, OnePeace claims he can write 10,000 words on this small piece.

“A healthy dose of speculation will do the trick,” said the blogger, “9,995 words of good ol’ speculation.”

In his Penguinbear post, he speculated that the work may be a sequel or a movie retelling ala Utena-style. But he also wrote that the project may be about Aleph (Aum’s current incarnation), the Okinawa base, the Afghan War, the Cold War, World War II, the Holy Grail War, the Lunar War, Rance 5B, Sailor Moon Z, Mazinger ZZZ, and the Tiger Woods sex scandal.

The writer also asked for readers’ opinions.

“Never forget the reader,” OnePeace said, “They’re here to get the news. Our news. They will be impressed by our in-depth analysis even though we just pulled it out from the ass. Let them have a forum where they talk about how amazing it is; we’ll start a bandwagon. That’s how you make an audience.”

Most of the anime news blogs are currently reporting this style. Crunchyroll has joined in with its own article. OnePeace repeats his mantra to me, “Speculation is good journalism. Repeat it with me –”

Readership response is highly favorable. Many enjoy the in-depth analysis these news blogs are offering on this mysterious project. Twitter, a social networking site, has thousands of tweets relating to the Penguinbear project. Most of these tweets are links to news blogs. It is no wonder how these news blogs can thrive so well.

A highly-rated comment by AnimeGurlzzzz on one of those blogs reads, “omfg PENGUINBEAR it will be as amazing as gooGle maPs 8-iT!!!!”


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One response to “Hollow News: Aniblogs Successfully Write on ‘Penguinbear’ Project; Readers Satisfied”

  1. Mushyrulez says :

    The ass? How much do I have to pay to get ideas out of the ass?

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