Hollow News: ‘Summer Olympics 2012’ to Be Worst Anime Ever

TOKYO — In the streets of Akihabara and Harajuku, otaku protesters line up and have put up signs declaring the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games anime, 2012 Summer Olympics, as one of the worst animes ever.

Calling themselves the NOlympics Movement, the protests all cosplayed as their favorite characters in the Summer 2012 anime season.

“This shit’s worse than Mars of Destruction!” shouted one otaku cosplaying as Iori from Kokoro Connect. An Oda Nobuna cosplayer screamed similar sentiments: “Who is Exercise?!” One Cure Beauty cosplayer knelt on her knees praying to Madoka to stop this madness and let everyone go to Lesbian Valhalla. Mecha otakus and idol otakus, in a surprising turn of events, joined hands and chanted songs from the AKB0048 anime.

“Last year, we had Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica; that anime sold well and I thought the anime industry was getting better,” said the leader of the protest movements who cosplayed as Watashi from Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita, “but I don’t see the point of taking out successful shows like Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! and Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate for an anime like this. I think the anime industry is dying.” She started coughing and lit some cigars; she said she was too “stressed” from watching this anime. Cigars helped her calm down.

Watashi resumed her complaint, “I don’t like the graphics of this anime. It looks too real and I don’t understand what’s going on. I was watching this volleyball episode one time and I didn’t understand a darn thing. Horizon looks easier to understand in comparison.”

The overseas’ reaction was also not favorable. Many thought the show was too “shonen” for them and shonen fans disagreed, saying it lacked the vitality of shows like Slam Dunk and Captain Tsubasa. Weeaboos were enthralled over the lively loli characters in gymnastics, but were disgusted by every other event.

As of its, its MAL rating is 1.30 by 300,013 users. Various websites have called it the “worst anime ever since Haruhi/K-On!/Clannad/other Kyoto Animation works.” Almost every fansub group dropped the anime except Hadena and HorribleSubs.

We had called the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games, but they did not give us a call back. We believe they have sold their telephones for their bus fare.

“You know,” Watashi, the leader of the protests said, “we don’t really care about the Olympics. We are all fat!” Watashi showed her 20′ girth.

She added, “I seriously think the television networks should just run the Training with Hinako OVA if they really think we’re gonna care about exercising.”


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7 responses to “Hollow News: ‘Summer Olympics 2012’ to Be Worst Anime Ever”

  1. darkness447 says :

    I’m guessing we’re not getting a second season for this, huh?

  2. etery-chan says :

    Well, Hadena isn’t worth to be called fansubber. And Horriblesubs was just ripping other people’s stream.
    I don’t even watch the real life Olympic….

  3. Mushyrulez says :

    Alright this is what happens

    the aniblogger olympics

    are you ready

    yes you are.


    first you have the DIVERS with their deep analysis, competing in 8 different analytical events
    then the two SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING events, and by ‘swimming’, I mean ‘editorial post about only one aspect of an anime’, and by ‘synchronized’, I mean ‘two people write together an’.
    then the main event, the 32 SWIMMING events, done by solo writers on divers topics (see what I did there? ha ha ha it’s a pun. also I did not misspell ‘diverse’, ‘divers’ means ‘several’ rather than ‘of different form’).
    of course you can’t forget the two WATER POLO events, a.k.a. horizon in the middle of colloquia

    concurrently we have the canoers and kayakers with their 12 events, an editorial post about an episode of an anime but not really about any specific topic, a.k.a. losers nobody cares about except canada


    we start with BMX and MOUNTAIN BIKING (which means old series reviews). although there are only four events nobody writes about 80s anime so nobody ever competes blah blah blah
    then we have ROAD CYCLING which is about NOT MODERN series. there are also only four events because at least old series can be appreciated by hipsters, whereas NOT MODERN series are all crap with the exception of all that aren’t
    FINALLY TRACK CYCLING, also known as ‘reviews of current anime written AFTER THE SEASON IS OVER’ is very cool because there are 16 events


    I am in a state of incredible elation and cannot hold my hands off the caps lock key ReSuLtInG iN a StRaNgE cOmBiNaTiOn Of CaSeS. also I need to find something to type that isn’t a blog post



    blah blah blah I don’t know what shrooms feel like UNTIL NOW

  4. Olympics > Anime says :

    Wow. What a bunch of fools they are.

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