Our blog is like that picture.

The Best Column That Even Makes CNN Cry in Fear: Shinning Terribad

Shinning Terribad is a column where poor Trollkastel (MAL username: JudeMaverick) writes comments on terribad reviews. The origin is as fascinating as Superman’s because both involve people who are weak to green things — Superman to Kryptonite and Trollkastel to broccoli.

Where do you get your reviews?

MyAnimeList. Join the first impressions and terribad reviews club. We all have fun there.

We might venture out into other sites, but we’re lazy.

But isn’t it bad to mock people’s reviews?

Anything published is worth critiquing and mocking. If not, what the hell is freedom of speech about? Besides, people need to learn how to write proper English.

But that’s my review…

Even if you’re the President of the United States of America, I will still critique you. Everybody’s fair game.

Do you write other articles?

Of course, we do! We aren’t just intolerable hacks of society!


Trollkastel is our main writer. Not only does this agendered species write our well-loved Shinning Terribad articles, (s)he/it sometimes write hilarious articles like asking his high school psychology teacher whether Nisemonogatari‘s toothbrush scene is possible and getting his account hacked to write a Toonami propaganda post.

This animal also writes music album reviews at Organization Antisocial Geniuses.


Our resident moeblob is a space pirate. She also likes to write about her adventures, which tends to involve her repressed lesbianism.


Hyper weapon is still writing articles.

Commander Obvious

The admin of this blog. The blog is named after him, but we are sure he doesn’t understand what “Going Commando” means.

He makes us pretend we are a team in the beginning of seasons. We do a set of first impressions in a dialog format. He also has terrible grammar.

For more information:

Contact a toilet plumber. Then, when the bow-chick-a-wow-wow plays, ask him to stay. He’ll teach you all the necessary things needed to read this aniblog.

We are also available on Twitteroo. It is maintained by Trollkastel and he often bullshit about stuff. We find it funny to make fun of his tweets.

Now, go read some shitty articles!


One response to “About”

  1. Aaeru says :

    hey commando sorry to bother

    i saw you in the subscribers list, would be very happy if you can re-subscribe at the new blog (http://visualnovelaer.fuwanovel.org) if you want to~ the old one got suspended >.<

    sry for that. ty

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