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Hollow News: Aniblogs Successfully Write on ‘Penguinbear’ Project; Readers Satisfied

CHICAGO — Despite the lack of information surrounding Ikuhara’s new project, anibloggers have circumvented the problem and found ways to write on it.

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Hollow News: ‘Summer Olympics 2012’ to Be Worst Anime Ever

TOKYO — In the streets of Akihabara and Harajuku, otaku protesters line up and have put up signs declaring the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games anime, 2012 Summer Olympics, as one of the worst animes ever.

Calling themselves the NOlympics Movement, the protests all cosplayed as their favorite characters in the Summer 2012 anime season.
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Shinning Terribad Blog Carnival Posts: lol me reading other aniblogs

Whoever wrote this offensive, radical post should be burned, cut up, and served in burrito wraps.

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Oh yeah, we’re moving to Chicago soon:

We totally forgot. As compensation, here’s Hachikuji Mayoi to bite her tongue in the cutest way possible. It will make up for our mistake~

On this Monday (July 23rd), we’ll be flying so Trollkastel can pretend he’s going to college. But don’t worry: we’ve scheduled some posts for you; we just won’t be able to respond to your comments if it’s published next week.

This post is made by a professional blogger.

Tari Tari – 02

Konatsu is spanked. Discuss.

The 1st First Summer 2012 Impressions: Chitose Get You!, Tari Tari, Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita, Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse

A room filled with clothes all over the place.

Strange liquids are on the floor. TROLLKASTEL is waking up on stage left, looking at the mess. Hair preferably messy. HOMERUN-CHAN is sleeping at downstage, barely clothed. She is blushing and drooling. COMMANDER OBVIOUS is smoking grass at center stage. RANCE is naked (again) at downstage right. There are a bunch of girls lying naked upstage, all snoring soundlessly.

The staff members of this blog must have had an orgy again.

Trollkastel: Oh shit, we haven’t posted a darn article up for a week again.
Commander Obvious: omg our nonexistent fans will get pissed
T: Let’s be lazy, bring our team together, and watch some crappy anime on Crunchyroll.
Homerun-chan: (slowly waking up) But there is only three anime episodes out… And we usually put 1,400 as a minimum word count… That’s always been our motto…
CO: if all else fails
T: … At the end of the post, we will put “BALLS BALLS” to make up for the word count lost. Which is what I did on NaNoWriMo two years ago. We will also put the OPs of animes so the post will look a bit longer.
Rance: What about “BOOBIES!” for variety?
T: Splendid idea.
R: Of course, I’m a genious.
T: Wait, I wrote some impressions at Organization ASG; they’ll be up soon. Will that conflict?
CO: lol who gives a damn

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Love, Elections, and Chocolate: Summer 2012 Impressions

Okay, bitches and hoes: the team is going to deliver their impression on some upcoming summer animes’ trailers even though people have done it ages ago!

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1,000 Page Views and More: A Start for This Blog

I’ve reached 1,000++ page views! Four days ago! This short post is relevant!

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Yuko Goto made me cry:

It is weird for a blogger to post two posts on the same day, but I feel this is a necessity.

Yuko Goto, the woman behind the voice of Asahina Mikuru, is going hiatus because she is suffering from an autoimmune disease that has spread into her heart, lungs, and vessels.

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Today, I woke up and saw this:

To whoever wrote this question and googled it, I’m glad I was of service to you.