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Please Don’t Interrogate Me, Bro!

fucking sushi

Gwaaaah, I don’t want to blog for the next few weeks. Can I just tweet random shit for now? I’m lazy. However, someone forced me to join a blog carnival — yeah, this will totally work out. What is wrong with this blogosphere?


I’m not eating sushi ever again.

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lol me reading other aniblogs

my tl;dr picture

This blog carnival theme looks great! Let’s talk about why I don’t read most aniblogs (except the ones featured in “Blogs I Read”)!

Anyway, I’m gonna briefly talk about blog carnivals because most of my readers don’t come from the aniblogosphere — something I’m really proud of. Blog carnivals are basically a carnival of people writing about the same subject. These tends to be reflective and thoughtful.

I think I’m reflective and thoughtful. Look at how many sex jokes I’ve made on Twitter!

I wanted to join one, but I kept forgetting.

This one though: I wanted to join. I have so much to complain~

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Shinning Terribad Review: Summer ’12 Game Edition

This game is like Ace Attorney: you use a lot of bullshit logic.

Let’s play a game: guess what anime this reviewer is reviewing!

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How to Watch Anime: The Rule of Mami

Mami is hot. Also, your teacher on how to watch anime.

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Shinning Terribad Fanfics: Neon Genesis Equestria

Neon Genesis Evangelion x My Little Pony. Just as planned.

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Shinning Terribad Fanfics: An Introduction

5,000~ pageviews for two months and a half blog? Yayifications~

Let’s not stop right there; let’s broaden our scope with not just reviews (or intereviews) but fanfics as well!

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Shinning Terribad Reviews: An Intereview with a Vampire

[This is written under the form of an Intereview. Why? Far more amusing.

I’m pretty sure this is misspelled intentionally. This means I’m in for an “amusing” ride.

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PES: Peace Eco Smile – The Best Summer 2012 Anime No One is Watching (Except Me)

Oh dear, why are all the episodic blogs missing out on this fabulous anime?

I shall reprimand the following bloggers for their incompetence:

Organization Antisocial Geniuses — my dear lovely workplace — how dare you not write a summer evaluation on it! Inushinde and other Cart Driver writers, have you no sense of taste? Anime Instrumentality, this show is more exciting than the latest OSTs by FictionYokoKajiuraHisashiJunction!

And Flomu, stop your Nichijou fangasming and watch some PES!

Clearly, you are all silly people. How can anyone not like a sci-fi anime that’s essentially a giant Toyota commercial?

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Writing 10/10 reviews is an art. You have to write convincingly to show that the work is almost flawless and everybody can enjoy it. Such a review examines every aspect of this work and requires good understanding of all departments. Notes must be taken, symbols discussed, characterization considered, and themes explained; this type of review combines both reviewing and old-school literary analysis. Any 10/10 review that succeeds is worth fawning over. I cannot even mock the greatness of these reviews; few people can succeed.

In MAL, this translates to “this anime is amazing 10/10 roflmao~”

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Sword Art Online: Or How We Learned to Stop Hating MAL First Episode Reviews and Began to Troll Back

If you are a MAL user like me, you may have heard of a show called Sword Art Online; I assume it’s a show where people draw swords at Not sure how that’s exciting, but whatever. On July 8, 2012, the first episode of the show came out and impressed people. This, of course, amounted to people writing fangasmic reviews. The score was so obnoxiously high it went to the #33 top anime spot.

For anyone with an organ called a “brain”, this is worth getting pissed over.

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