Blogs I Read

In the aniblogging sphere, blogs link to each other as if their lives depend on each other. And most of these blogs are utter crap. Taking a page from Moe Fundamentalism, I decided to put in a list of blogs I read. These blogs are actually readable in my opinion and deserve more attention. I’m providing these links without charge; I don’t ask any blogger featured to link me back.

Feel free to offer me suggestions.


  • 8thsin Fansubs Anime Blog — The first aniblog I’ve ever read. I was hooked by his clever analysis on Mawaru-Penguindrum and the comments on most of his posts are constructive and witty. His blog also features a quick summarization of the translation quality of an anime.
  • Whiners.Pro— His bizarre formatting for his translation group reviews are always fun to read. He is the most likable egoistic asshole on the planet.
  • Shinde Iie Anime Blog — An episodic blog that pumps out a well-written post almost daily. The guy’s insane. Probably one of the best epiblogs out there.
  • The Geek Show’s writer, Archaeon — I consider him my sensei in reviewing; he taught me a lot in how to review an anime. There’s a reason why he’s so popular at MyAnimeList and it shows: his journalistic integrity and constructive criticism of animes are worth admiring about.
  • The Untold Story of Altair and Vega — Many bloggers, not just anime, claim to be philosophical, but they have not actually understood philosophy — or at least read Plato and a Platypus Walks into a Bar. The Untold Story of Altair and Vega is one of those rare blogs that knows what it’s talking about. And even if it fails, it still makes their articles fun to read.
  • Moe Fundamentalism — Every article featured has an intriguing premise and its content never fails to live up to that. It’s a very personal blog and almost feels like an exploration of Akirascuro’s mind. And I’m not sure how the writer found such beautiful pictures; it really deserves the clever title.
  • Organization Antisocial Geniuses — I don’t consider their blog spectacular, but the subjects they choose make me want to read and comment. They also provide a nice reference on Mondays to other blog articles, which should be followed by people vigorously.

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  • The New Yorker’s “Culture Desk” — I’m a big fan of The New Yorker, but I’m too cheap to subscribe to their website. So I read their blogs, one of them being this. The team acts like a team, but they have different opinions; a subject discussed by one blogger may seem positive, but another will obliterate it. Great bloggers, I observe, are not only in conversation with the subject but their peers. They don’t sphere jerk, but they add onto, or subtract from, the conversation.
  • The Economist’s “Johnson” — I’m not too entirely sure why they picked the title because it doesn’t sound like a blog on language but more on sexuality. Nevertheless, this hidden gem seen on The Economist interests me because it’s all about language. And what language does to us in our daily lives. There are other Economist blogs I read, but this is one I like to advertise more.

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