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lol me reading other aniblogs

my tl;dr picture

This blog carnival theme looks great! Let’s talk about why I don’t read most aniblogs (except the ones featured in “Blogs I Read”)!

Anyway, I’m gonna briefly talk about blog carnivals because most of my readers don’t come from the aniblogosphere — something I’m really proud of. Blog carnivals are basically a carnival of people writing about the same subject. These tends to be reflective and thoughtful.

I think I’m reflective and thoughtful. Look at how many sex jokes I’ve made on Twitter!

I wanted to join one, but I kept forgetting.

This one though: I wanted to join. I have so much to complain~

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How to Watch Anime: The Rule of Mami

Mami is hot. Also, your teacher on how to watch anime.

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Shinning Terribad Reviews: An Introduction

While my username is Trollkastel, I am prone to hitting my head on the wall if I read something retarded. I enjoy a lively debate, but some debates turn into arguments that seem almost black and white to me.

One of those spawned a new idea in my head. I couldn’t get it off because it is a good issue to write; it’s useful for anyone of all ages.

I’m talking about the constant raping of reviews and the English language in MyAnimeList and other communities. And the fact that people defend them. I want to write about them.

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One Small Leap into Anime: Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo

When I first watched anime, I told myself to only watch Miyazaki and Ghibli films. At that time, I was only a film buff. Ask me my favorite director and it will be Kubrick. My favorite movies are Barry Lyndon and Andrei Rublev, directed by him and Tarkovskiy respectively. The only Japanese things worth touching were Kurosawa, Ghibli, and sushi.

I used as a recommendation aggregator and it tend to be helpful on selecting movies. My library of movies inside my brain expanded a lot thanks to this website. Once, it showed a particular anime called The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, its Japanese title being Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo. Since Amazon said the movie was similar to various Miyazaki works like My Neighbor Totoro, I downloaded it, thinking it was a Miyazaki film. I was fifteen at that time and was definitely more than just a blockhead of all blockheads.

And thank goodness I was an idiot. If not for this mistake, I wouldn’t have watched anime.

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Hitler with Sunglasses: Evaluation of Nazism in Four Animes (and a Video Game)

Translation: So gal, may I invade for your lebensraum?

Everyone can joke about how America’s morality is missing. Today, shows with a whole lot of nudity can be seen on cable channel while invectives and offensive speech are uttered like it’s no one’s business. If you are a religious person, watching South Park is like committing suicide.

Every FPS games these days must have Nazis: regular, zombie, mecha. Americans sure love shooting Nazis up.

Japan though is odd.

Where are the Nazis? And what happened to them?

I explore five works that alludes to Nazi Germany: Strike Witches, Gosick, Axis Powers: Hetalia, Persona 2: Innocent Sin, and Monster. While all works portray Nazism differently — Gosick being the most subtle and hence, having the least words for this issue — all five works paint the current landscape of the anime industry.

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My High School Psychology Teacher on Nisemonogatari’s Toothbrush Scene

I’m in love with Nisemonogatari. I’m in love with it so much I had to rewatch the infamous toothbrush scene numerous times last night. Instead of studying for my US Politics exam, I just wanted to see teeth being brushed.

During my psychology class at morning, all I could hear was Karen’s moaning. So I did the proper thing and asked my psychology teacher this simple question:

Can brushing a girl’s teeth actually arouse her?

My psychology teacher used to be a surgeon and decided to teach high school level plus college-level psychology; he was also friendly and cool. Pretending to be a curious, aspiring student, I asked him after class and he, with a straight face, replied to me with strong, definitive answers. He took me seriously as a student, not as a jester. It surprised me and I started taking mental notes on my head. Now, I am not an android nor a journalist — I’m a satirist — and I can only paraphrase what I remember and understand. If it makes no sense, blame me, not my teacher.

Nevertheless, the simple answer to that question is: Yes, but it depends.

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