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Shinning Terribad Blog Carnival Posts: lol me reading other aniblogs

Whoever wrote this offensive, radical post should be burned, cut up, and served in burrito wraps.

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PES: Peace Eco Smile – The Best Summer 2012 Anime No One is Watching (Except Me)

Oh dear, why are all the episodic blogs missing out on this fabulous anime?

I shall reprimand the following bloggers for their incompetence:

Organization Antisocial Geniuses — my dear lovely workplace — how dare you not write a summer evaluation on it! Inushinde and other Cart Driver writers, have you no sense of taste? Anime Instrumentality, this show is more exciting than the latest OSTs by FictionYokoKajiuraHisashiJunction!

And Flomu, stop your Nichijou fangasming and watch some PES!

Clearly, you are all silly people. How can anyone not like a sci-fi anime that’s essentially a giant Toyota commercial?

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Imouto no Naku Koro ni Episode 1: Legend of the Imouto

Welcome to Miryuuin Academy. The Imouto extends her heartfelt greetings. First, please put yourself at ease.
There is nothing too difficult to think about. Accept entirely, silently, the events to happen. That is all that is asked of you.

The difficulty is standard. Shall we first take the easy road?
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The 1st First Summer 2012 Impressions: Chitose Get You!, Tari Tari, Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita, Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse

A room filled with clothes all over the place.

Strange liquids are on the floor. TROLLKASTEL is waking up on stage left, looking at the mess. Hair preferably messy. HOMERUN-CHAN is sleeping at downstage, barely clothed. She is blushing and drooling. COMMANDER OBVIOUS is smoking grass at center stage. RANCE is naked (again) at downstage right. There are a bunch of girls lying naked upstage, all snoring soundlessly.

The staff members of this blog must have had an orgy again.

Trollkastel: Oh shit, we haven’t posted a darn article up for a week again.
Commander Obvious: omg our nonexistent fans will get pissed
T: Let’s be lazy, bring our team together, and watch some crappy anime on Crunchyroll.
Homerun-chan: (slowly waking up) But there is only three anime episodes out… And we usually put 1,400 as a minimum word count… That’s always been our motto…
CO: if all else fails
T: … At the end of the post, we will put “BALLS BALLS” to make up for the word count lost. Which is what I did on NaNoWriMo two years ago. We will also put the OPs of animes so the post will look a bit longer.
Rance: What about “BOOBIES!” for variety?
T: Splendid idea.
R: Of course, I’m a genious.
T: Wait, I wrote some impressions at Organization ASG; they’ll be up soon. Will that conflict?
CO: lol who gives a damn

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Irisu Syndrome! Review

For three days,
I am alone. In my room.
Was it because of her?

So tell me:

I hear the sounds of insanity.

Those piano chords and notes clicking.
I know all the songs.
These arias of madness.
They make me jitter.

Was I mad for playing this cursed game known as Irisu Syndrome?

Save for the books that do nothing to protect me,
save for the clocks that endlessly tick-tock my lifespan away,
save for my companion that is the sound of pen scribbles in my diary,

Because now,

I am alone.

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The Diary of a Living Little Sister

Day One:

“Neechan, it’s breakfast!”

Her lips — her pink lips glistens from saliva. Her eyelids separate to reveal a majestic brown iris, but that schism is long gone; it was shut in a matter of seconds. She groaned. Her bedroom was pitch black. Till I drew the curtains, pulling sunlight from outside to help me wake my dear sister.

“Ui, later…” She said, which sounds like the purr of a cat. That’s what I liked about my big sister; she reminded me of a cute cat. I would love to cuddle with her, but she would be late not just breakfast but —

“School’s starting soon!”

Yui must be up playing Gitah till midnight again. She was bent on sleeping. Till her stomach growled.

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The Philosophy of Kill Me Baby

In all probability, this anime is steeped with philosophy!

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Love, Elections, and Chocolate: Summer 2012 Impressions

Okay, bitches and hoes: the team is going to deliver their impression on some upcoming summer animes’ trailers even though people have done it ages ago!

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Previously on Saki: Achiga-hen ~episode of side-A~

Everyone’s looking at me play. My opponents, the children, the adults, the grandparents, and maybe God — they’re all watching me. I close my eyes. I feel nothing except stillness. I draw a tile and my thumb recognizes the impression.

A smile appears in my face. The opponent at the eastern side looks at me and her hair already whitening from my crazy plays feel my sinister tile. I can feel my aura expanding throughout the table and I give one last breath. Then, I smack the tile down and scream,

“Tsu –”

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Me and Bodacious Space Pirates Riding Bicycles in Space

When I was younger, I always wanted to be an astronaut. Floating in zero-gravity and travelling in FTL speed, I imagine myself swimming through the space module, excited to discover extraterrestrial life, ancient space civilizations, and more. However, my Math teacher disagreed and flicked his finger onto my forehead, disturbing my daydreams. It hurt like hell.

Today, I am a college student with no aspirations whatsoever and currently living in a nice house with my best friend, who is a magical girl.

“Mornin’,” my friend greeted me as she sat on the sofa, watching the TV. My droopy self stumbled across the floor and I heard her say, “you missed the news again.”

“What happened?”

“Oh, space pirates started riding on bicycles in space. That’s all.”

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