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Shinning Terribad Fanfics: Neon Genesis Equestria

Neon Genesis Evangelion x My Little Pony. Just as planned.

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Shinning Terribad Fanfics: An Introduction

5,000~ pageviews for two months and a half blog? Yayifications~

Let’s not stop right there; let’s broaden our scope with not just reviews (or intereviews) but fanfics as well!

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Shinning Terribad Reviews: An Intereview with a Vampire

[This is written under the form of an Intereview. Why? Far more amusing.

I’m pretty sure this is misspelled intentionally. This means I’m in for an “amusing” ride.

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Writing 10/10 reviews is an art. You have to write convincingly to show that the work is almost flawless and everybody can enjoy it. Such a review examines every aspect of this work and requires good understanding of all departments. Notes must be taken, symbols discussed, characterization considered, and themes explained; this type of review combines both reviewing and old-school literary analysis. Any 10/10 review that succeeds is worth fawning over. I cannot even mock the greatness of these reviews; few people can succeed.

In MAL, this translates to “this anime is amazing 10/10 roflmao~”

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Sword Art Online: Or How We Learned to Stop Hating MAL First Episode Reviews and Began to Troll Back

If you are a MAL user like me, you may have heard of a show called Sword Art Online; I assume it’s a show where people draw swords at Not sure how that’s exciting, but whatever. On July 8, 2012, the first episode of the show came out and impressed people. This, of course, amounted to people writing fangasmic reviews. The score was so obnoxiously high it went to the #33 top anime spot.

For anyone with an organ called a “brain”, this is worth getting pissed over.

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Shinning Terribad Reviews: The Deadly Waters of Sword Art Online

Once upon a time, in the mighty kingdom of MyAnimeList, there lived a species called the “MAL Reviewers”. Some were very smart, but most of them were very stupid. A troll by the aliases, JudeMaverick and Trollkastel, got sick of people writing terribad reviews. Like the protagonist of Sword Art Online, this troll cannot logout of the website. He needed it to track down his anime status. Unlike the protagonist of SAO, he didn’t have a hot girl sidekick to help him. It made him very sad.

One day, as he was researching terribad reviews that used the excuse of “no speaky engrish”, he found himself in a flood of Sword Art Online reviews. Noah was not there to help him. So he drowned.

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Shinning Terribad Reviews: Animu and the Engrish Language

Ryukishi07, you’re overestimating the simplicity of the English language.

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Shinning Terribad Reviews: T-This is My First Time… P-Please Be Gentle…

Whispers one MyAnimeList reviewer. She looks up at me with her teary eyes; her body is petite, but her bosom is well-developed. Her hair is blonde and covers her blushing face.

She comes closer to me; I swallow a bit of saliva. It’s a bit too tense. But something is odd with that request; so I asked her why.

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Shinning Terribad Reviews: An Introduction

While my username is Trollkastel, I am prone to hitting my head on the wall if I read something retarded. I enjoy a lively debate, but some debates turn into arguments that seem almost black and white to me.

One of those spawned a new idea in my head. I couldn’t get it off because it is a good issue to write; it’s useful for anyone of all ages.

I’m talking about the constant raping of reviews and the English language in MyAnimeList and other communities. And the fact that people defend them. I want to write about them.

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